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Kampa Park Restaurant - Prague, The Czech Republic

Commercial and Over Rated


Restaurant Category : International, Seafood

Kampa Park Restaurant – Prague, Czech Republic: Hillary Clinton, on a visit to Prague, was said to have once remarked, “I wanted our last night at Kampa Park to go on forever.” Supposedly one of the city’s finest restaurants, Kampa Park was recommended to us by the concierge of the Four Seasons Hotel Prague. We decided to head over there for dinner.

On the banks of the Vltava (Moldua) and next to Charles Bridge sits this popular (and touristy) restaurant. Kampa Park has several dining areas: there is the main restaurant, the riverside terrace (a heated conservatory that overlooked the river), the winter garden (also heated but with a partial view of the river), and the summer roof terrace (unheated and therefore ideal for warm evenings).

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The interior of the main restaurant is classy with a hint of trendy and chic. The high arched ceilings and gorgeous hardwood floors were magnificent and impressive. We opted to dine at the riverside terrace, as the view was simply marvelous. After a few minutes there, however, we realized it was still quite damp and had a musty smell that surely was not going to compliment our dinner. We should have moved but because of the great view, we decided to stay in the terrace. Big mistake! As it turned out, the lower level patio dining room along the river had recently flooded and just opened the day we dined there so there was still a strong smell of dampness. The white linen table cloth and fine china and crystal did not make up for the dark and almost dank atmosphere.

We started dinner with a roasted pumpkin soup. The soup was actually no better than what I have had out of a can. Four our main courses, I tried the pepper steak—it was tough and had way too much pepper. My dining partner had lamp chops, so rare they must have barely seen any heat at all! The wine list was large as was their prices.

As for the restaurant’s service, our waiter barely said two words to us. When we asked him questions about the menu, his answers were a curt and dispassionate “it’s good”, “yes”, and “no.” When the bill came, however, he wasted no time in telling us that the gratuity was not included and we could leave cash, or he could add the tip to the bill and put it on the credit card. Honestly, that is the most he said to us the whole two or more hours we were there that evening.

Overall the food was mediocre and the service poor. I cannot fathom how it could have been classified as one of the finest restaurants in the city.

What I liked: The view

What I didn’t like: Poor service, mediocre food, musty smell of the patio, commercial feel

Rating: Somewhere between bombastic or not

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