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Monarch Wine Bar – Prague, Czech Republic


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Monarch Wine Bar – Prague, Czech Republic: We looked and looked for a wine bar in Prague and the only one we could find was Monarch Wine Bar & Shop located in the Old Town, about ten minutes from the Charles Bridge. We stopped in on a late weekday afternoon, only to find it completely empty.

Inside, the wine bar is large with basic brown tables and chairs. There was nothing particularly interesting other than the large windows across the front, which was perfect for people watching, and of course, the cavernous stone cellar at the front.

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The selection of wines was decent but there were not as many options for wine by the glass as I would have expected for a wine bar this large (and one that claims to be Prague’s No. 1 wine center). They had European and New World wines, vintages and plenty of Czech selections.

Unless you are Czech or a huge fan of Czech food, the selection of tapas was very limited as well. Options ranged from Goose Foie Gras, Pure Duck or Pork Liver Mousse, Olives, Italian Salami, Cheeses, and Cheese Fondue.

Since we were in Prague, we figured we should try the Czech dishes. We had the salami, pork liver mousse, and a small plate of cheeses. Unfortunately, the food was not to our liking (nor was the Czech wine we tried by the glass), but luckily we had a beautiful bottle of Burgundy which made for a great afternoon.

The service was mediocre and indifferent. I got the distinct impression that the wine bar was more for locals and not for “tourists.” Regardless, we did have a pleasant time. It was just not the chic and trendy wine bar we were hoping for.

What I liked: Our Burgundy wine

What I didn’t like: the tapas, the indifferent service

Rating: Somewhere between bombastic and not.

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