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Bateleur Camp Safari Game Drive Pictures - Day 1 - Masai Mara, Kenya

Fantastic Game Drives on the Masai Mara!


Bateleur Camp Safari Game Drive Pictures - Masai Mara, Kenya: Our game drives from the Bateleur Camp at Masai Mara were unlike any we have done before. Click here to browse through all 53 safari game drive pictures.

The variety of the game we saw (including the big five) was just astonishing. Lions, cheetah, buffalo, hyena, hippos and of course the wildebeest and zebra were all readily available. The leopard was more elusive, but we were able to get a quick look at one.

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The scenery, which went on forever, was reminiscent of Out of Africa and spot on for what I had always imagined a safari landscape to be.

We had the opportunity to see some wildebeest cross the river. What an experience that is. We learned that to see a river crossing is NOT as easy as it appears on National Geographic! It takes a lot of patients and even more luck.

Overall, our game drives on the Masai Mara were some of the very best we have ever experienced. The only negative was the number of other vehicles you see. It is a national park, so be prepared for multiple vehicles at certain spottings. They do however, limit the number of vehicles to just five, but at times that seems like four too many!

If you are looking for a the best viewing and don’t want the challenge of looking hard to find your animals, then the Masai Mara is a good place to start.

Our rating for the game drives on the Masai Mari is Fantastic Bombastic!

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